Seabury Furniture have been catering to a most discerning clientele in Ireland since 1990 and has become one of the most respected and reputable bespoke woodworking firms in the country. Seabury Furniture is known throughout Ireland for their attention to detail, dependability and the occasional bit of sound advice.

The company has been evolving in recent years and has an exciting new project that it is focusing on solely. Seabury has designed an exclusive new in-frame kitchen for Cash & Carry Kitchens. It is designed and manufactured by Seabury Kitchens to the highest of standards and is called the Lyndale. It is a painted kitchen and is offered with many options to make it truly your own. We are all very excited here at Seabury with this new venture. You can see the Lyndale in-frame kitchen in all Cash & Carry Kitchens showrooms nationwide.

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